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Nikosia (CY)

Annweiler (DE)

06.04. Kneipenfestival
Landau (DE)

Annweiler (DE)

27.04. Street Food Festival
Landau (DE)

Trier (DE)

24.05. Kulturnetz Stage
Mannheim (DE)

26.05. RNF Stage
Mannheim (DE)

30.05. Kultursommer
Weinheim (DE)

31.05. Open Air Kimmle
Zweibrücken (DE)

01.06. Stadtfest
Bürstadt (DE)

21.06. Strandbadfest
Frankenthal (DE)

05.07. Stadtfest
Wiesloch (DE)



06.07. Altstadtfest
Koblenz (DE)

12.07. RPR1 Stage
Landau (DE)  

20.07. Stadtfest
Merzig (DE) 

29.07. Weinfest
Billigheim (DE) 

03.08. Rock im Bruch
Dossenheim (DE)

Hundsangen (DE)

17.08. Woodstock Party
Neuleiningen (DE)

Neustadt (DE) 

Neckarsteinach (DE) 

04.10. Capitol
Mannheim (DE)

12.10. “letzte Lieder”
Landau (DE)

Maldives (MV)






















Calabria, Italy. The regional music of Tarantella was taught to GIU by his grandfather. It reflects his roots and reminds him until today of his childhood when he listens to it. The folkloric music reminds him of the warm summer breeze on his cheeks and the smell of the mule he used to sit on, which he believed to be a massive horse.

But it’s worship music what builds GIU's musical identity. Within his Italian Christian community he finds that every type of music is worship in his eyes. 

GIU founded his first experimental rock band, Sunburst (today ÆRANOID) in 2003, together with his brother Luca Sciandrone (bass). In this same year he discovered the essence of making music. Playing at the Arzano Festival in Naples, Italy, they stood on stage supported by the Toronto Mass Choir. The fusion of rock and gospel made him realize the connection between music and spirituality, which impacted the course of his music career. The band composed „Not in Vain“ for the film „Caffe della Vita“ (2004).

Sunburst won the „Vision Star“ of the Message Music Contest in 2005, followed by a recording contract with grammy-winner and producer Gary Baker at Sony BMG in the US. 

Frankfurt, Germany 2011 – GIU successfully completes his studies at the FMW university with Bernhard Sperrfechter as his lecturer. He started his carreer as state-approved professional musician and instrumental pedagogue of jazz and popular music.

The Middle Eastern World opened its doors in 2012. During this time, he became the guitarist for Afshin, a world-renowned, Persian superstar, who regularly tours not only through oriental countries, but also USA, Canada, Europe, Australia. GIU’s  favourite stop to date is Tajikistan. 

GIU founded the world music band ENTREMUNDOS together with singer Josephine Diago and composer/guitarist Carlos Bauer da Silva (2014). Their overall style breaks musical boundaries by combining languages and music genres from all over the world. Their song, „Buñuel“ is part of the movie soundtrack of „Mannheim – Der Film“ by Daniel Morawek and Andrew Van Scoter. 

No matter what style he plays, GIU speaks to the audience through the strings of his guitar. At one moment he may create gentle, expressive melodies. At the next he might burst out – out of control. 

He solidified his identity as a professional guitarist through the creative process of making his own music. GIU compares his progress of self-creation to the restoration of his old Vespa. He restored the 1964, light mint green moped himself, which took him 9 months of work. Patience, relentless effort and caring passion resulted in the creation of something unique and long-lasting.


Some artists I work(ed) with:

Entremundos | Afshin | Aeranoid (ex Sunburst) | Zio & The Royal Collective | Senza Limiti | Die Dicken Kinder |  Valy | Curly | Pearls | Bombshells | Fatma 2 Soul | Mike Nail (Udo Jürgens) | Someone Else | Sunay Balkan (Paul Young, Joy Denalane, Glashaus) | Beat Taylors | Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project) | Daniel Schild (Jonas Monar, Chima) René  Riewer (Nisse, Prada Meinhoff, Nico Suave) | Kostas Koragiozidis Martin Pohl ( Buddha Sentenza, Irie Révoltés. 

The Giu Sciandrone Experience – Unique in the means of movement and a master
of his class playing his instrument. Ecstasy for the senses.
— Zio (Zio & Royal Collective)





Entremundos Concert @ Universum Cinema in Landau 2015 | Guitarparts | Giu Sciandrone.


Die Dicken Kinder Concert @ Universum Kino in Landau 2016 | Rosanna Cover | Toto.


ZIO Wintz Concert @ Capitol Mannheim 2017 | Ich sitz hier drüben | Zio Wintz.

NOW AVAILABLE iTunes | Amazon | Google Play | Spotify | Deezer | Tidal | Napster | Apple Music READ MORE ABOUT I MOSTRI: www.entremundos.de/i-mostri-single THE MINDPALACE: www.facebook.com/THE.MINDPALACE.ONAIR In memory of Francesco M.T. Tarantino (1953-2017). We worked hand in hand with our dear friends from The Mindpalace!



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